Fascial Stretch Therapy And Dancers

Why Dancers Need Fascial Stretch Therapy?

Growing up a dancer, I have come across many injuries and chronic pain over the years. I went to doctors, physical therapy, you name it nothing seemed to help. At the end of my rope, I stumbled across Fascial Stretch Therapy and had an amazing outcome from it, to the point I was determined to learn everything I could to help my fellow dancers!

I sought out the best in FST research and training and am now a certified Fascial Stretch Practitioner. This stretch therapy enhances flexibility; improves posture; can relieve chronic pain; aides in a better night’s sleep; boosts muscle activation; decreases stress and leaves your body feeling healthy.

What are the main injuries I see in dance?

Hips, ankles and knees for sure. I personally do not see very many acute injuries in dance (where you fall and hurt yourself suddenly) but chronic injuries are rampant, especially if you dance for a long time.

Dancer’s injuries accumulate over their career. Dancers are typically over trained and hypermobile, and do not have a balanced strength to flexibility ratio. This causes problems over time.

The excessive use of external rotation of the legs in ballet training can be a recipe for disaster over time if the pelvis is not properly aligned and the surrounding muscles are not supportive enough.

Also, the repetitive nature of dance training can cause certain parts of the body (mostly hips, knees ankles/feet) to wear down and cause complicated, sometimes unexplainable pain.

Facial Stretch Therapy for dancers

How does FST help?

Stretching is one of the most important things you can do for your body and as a dancer we all know we have to stretch before we go and practice. But we never get a really good deep stretch that the tissue of the body actually needs. With FST you get all of that. It is very important for dancers because it not only helps with flexibility but it helps and prevents future injuries. It also helps with hip flexors, sore tired feet, and back pain which could lead to tight hamstrings that could lead to tight glutes and so on.

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